Thai Junk Food – Part 2

Well it’s been a long time since I last updated, but to be honest I’ve been quite busy. The classes I’ve been taking were intensives the last few weeks and I actually got a bit ill too! So, because of that, I didn’t really have too much time for anything besides sleeping and eating. And hey, if I’m going to snack in Thailand then its gonna be Thai food dagnabbit! Or, if nothing else, I’ll settle with pseudo Thai-American junk food…

Okay, drinks first. You may remember last time I talked about Red Bull? Yeah well, there are actually a whole slew of imitators widely available at 7-11:

I kid you not when I say that these aren’t even HALF of the the energy drinks available. Luckily, each one of these bottles is only likely to set you back 10-15 baht (30-50 cents), so experimentation is cheap. I’d always go for the Red Bull as my first bet, but I quite like M-150 and Carabao (full review here) too. I was, however, really disappointed with White Shark. You see advertisements for it everywhere, so I thought it was a sure bet. Live and learn I guess.

Another welcome discovery is… well whatever this is.

One side is Japanese and the other is Thai, and there really isn’t a whole lot of English to be found besides “Mixed Lemon Flavour.” It says Calpis at the top, but I’m having trouble discerning whether that’s the brand or the parent company. At any rate, it’s pretty good. Though technically a cheap because it’s Japanese rather than Thai, I’ve never seen it before now, so on the list it goes!

In addition to “Mixed Lemon” there apparently exists a variety of other flavours, but I’ve only seen the lemon flavour and the original… I’ve just heard that other flavours exist. Regardless, it has a sort of sour milk taste to it, which is why I imagine it has some sort of freshness seal on it. I can never read when the expiry date is supposed to be, so I just keep it refrigerated and hope for the best.

Next off though, since we’re in Asia, how about some nice fish jerky? Yeah, why not? We sure love our beef jerky out west (though jerky made from all manner of woodland creatures is not too far fetched), so nothing wrong with dried fish. And you know what? It tastes pretty good. It has all the dry, chewy goodness you’ve come to expect from jerky and ranges from cheap thrills like the picture on the left (10 baht) to decadently immaculate (like 300 baht for a bag half the size of this one). In addition to fish, you’ll also find a lot of jerky made from seaweed. I’m not really a big fan of seaweed though, so I’ve yet to venture into that market. Perhaps a future post will cover that particular delicacy.

Though, while the appeal to seaweed jerky alludes my tragically Canadian sensibilities, how bad could artificial seaweed flavoring be:

Surprisingly, it’s not bad. Even though I previously mentioned a particular disdain for seaweed, this is quite passable. Like most other Lays flavours here, I find that it’s pretty much just BBQ with a hint of something extra. In this case the aftertaste is seaweed.

I’ve got more to talk about on this matter, so expect to see a Part 3 sometime in the next month. I’ll leave you now with one last, mouth-watering piece of comfort food:

Roger in Thailand presents Adventures in Unfortunate Brand Names:

Oh, and FYI, they weren’t very good.


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